Atomic Quantum Simulator

Our Mission

Quantum computing holds great promise for the future of computing. However, so far, existing quantum computers have not been able to solve relevant real-world problems better than classical computers. We will build a quantum simulator based on programmable arrays of atoms that offers a realistic prospect to solve relevant computational problems better than available classical and quantum computers. Expanding usability beyond individual users, our system will be cloud-accessible for broad use in academia, industry, and government.

  • Analog Quantum Computing
  • Digital Quantum Computing
  • Scalability
  • Cloud Accessible
  • Real-World Problems
  • Academia and Industry Collaboration

Feel free to reach out to us at for any questions, comments, or interest in collaborating with us!


Make sure to check out our booth at the virtual Convergence Accelerator Expo hosted by the National Science Foundation! We have also created a short Promo video to get you introduced to our project and a more in depth Demo video for you to hear from our leaders on the project. Click the images above to learn more about AQS!